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YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit
YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit
YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit
YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit

YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit


If, like us, you’ve looked at your schedule for the weekend and found that you have only one task diarised – staying home – then you may have also thought about dedicating some time to your complexion. And if it makes you feel good at a time like this, then we say, go right ahead.

Fortunately, if your a SKIN NERD lover - your existing beauty routine will boast glow-enhancing properties making them the perfect potions for an at-home brightening facial.

However if you are lacking some products these are some of the key ingredients on my list of must have favourite products for vitamin C (a frontrunner for brightening), hyaluronic acid (for a dose of hydration), and retinol (also known as vitamin A, the powerhouse ingredient for boosting cell turnover).

Alternatively, we’ve collated a beautiful Radiant C Facial Kit for you to enjoy at home in your own bathroom.

Think all the goodies from a professional skin technician just without the magic hands!



This kit is inclusive of some of the leading skincare ranges the world has to offer. With a combination of Synergie Skin, Medik 8 and Mesoesthetics you will be hand delivered a beautiful facial kit full of goodies

- Cleanser, Exfoliant, Light at home peel, Massage Oils, Cream mask, Ampoules and Sheet Mask.

Focusing on brightening and stimulating the skin. This kits main ingredient list links to Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a preventive ingredient against skin aging. When applied topically, it remains on the skin for 48 hours, thereby having 30 times the therapeutic effect of oral vitamin C.

Energy C Brightening Facial will neutralise free radicals and regenerate the cell membrane. 

Helping to induce Collagen synthesis and provide moisture your skin will be lighter and brighter following this designer facial


- Cleanser

- Light Facial Peel

- Massage Serum and Infusion

- Energy C Facial Sheet

- Moisturising Creams

Experience ENERGY C - Brightening Solution by Mesoestetic

YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit

YOUR AT HOME Energy C Facial Kit



  • Not Sure What Product Best Suits You?

    It can be hard to decide yourself, which products may best suit your skin. That's why you can contact Skin Nerd for a online or face to face consultation. I can discuss your skin concerns and lead you to a custom designed skincare plan.