How Long Should You Cleanse For?

Most people go about their days having purchased the most amazing skin cleanser without (a) reading the recommendation label on how to use and (b) that they should be cleansing their skin for at least 30-60 seconds

60 seconds doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a whole lot of difference, more than you would expect.

So, if it’s not something you’re focusing on, chances are, you’re not doing it. Yet (that is...) This is why you should: 

  1. Cleansers are our first tool to ensure a thorough breakdown of all the products we have applied topically throughout the day are rid off. SPF, face oil, moisturiser, serum, foundation are just a small list of products you will find still deeply attached to the skin at the end of the day. Cleansing for 10 seconds over the skin at night isn’t going to breakdown the collection of goodness you applied that morning and allow it to reset again. Inaccurate cleansing leads to clogged pores, dullness, and irritated skin in the short term, and can seriously compromise your moisture barrier in the long term. Don't even get me started on correct removal. 
  2. Using a cleanser with active acids LACTIC or SALYCLIC?  You need to give these ingredients a little time to actually penetrate, and work their magic. Take at least 30 seconds! Get the most of those ingredients. 
  3. Cleanser and its action of removal stimulates circulation which can boost facial glow, and lets face it - it feels nice. It aids in stimulation of the lymphatic vessels helping to rid the skin of toxicity.
  4. The cleanser you choose - is in fact the most powerful of all skin ingredients. Get this incorrect and you have barrier disfunction, clogging and congestion, stripped skin, couperose and a lot more in the problem area. Take the time to listen to the "experts" (not instragram!) and ensure you select the correct product for your skin whether it be Cream, Oil, Gel, Foam.. the list goes on. Always gently cleanse AM and PM to reset the skin and its routine. 
  5. Skin care is a daily act of self-love. I am a true believer in this - its about the only thing personally I do in the category of "self-love". Take the time and enjoy it day and night.


Hope you enjoyed my little instalment of Skin Nerd #skintellect




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