Having lived and breathed the industry in Geelong and Melbourne, clinically and medically involved I have been lucky enough to work with skin for just on 20 years. Over this time I've come to realise I hold a special gift that i truly love and its time I brought it to you.

As a facialist, skin coach, clinical & belly laughing skin nerd I am passionate about providing a professional treatment that incorporates education and science with the very best of industries technology.

I am known for developing individual treatments that encompass multi techniques to ensure each treatment is custom designed to achieve the very best result, transforming you skin.

Quite often I will hear "Michelle I have no idea what you do each time I come to see you, but I lie there, trust you and I always see results"! That's me.. SKIN NERD!

Skin Nerd is located at 51 Thomson Street Belmont in a collaborative location of expert technicians in their fields.

Using medical science such as Cutera Laser, Healite II LED, Cynosure UltraCel Q+ and Advanced Skin care products such as Synergie Skin and Medik 8 just to name a few.

You will find individual services such as LED light Therapy, Laser Genesis and skin treatments focusing on Redness, Couperose, Rosacea, Pigmentation , Skin Tightening with HifFu technology and Skin Rejuvenation.

You will find me in my beautiful sanctuary of blissful Skin Nerdiness in Geelong, Belmont.


with so many varieties of laser machinery available its hard to decifer which machine and brand name you should experience when having your treatments. Leave this selection to the experts, I've got your back. Each device found in my Skin Nerd rooms has been hand selected based on its long standing excellence in our industry, result driven outcomes and safety as the most important consideration.

Simply put - YES! However remember everyone experienced their treatment differently. Your pain threshold, the type of lasers or skin machinery used and the outcome we are trying to achieve will vary the experience.


(in 24 years no one has every said "STOP" i cant do this - so it cant be that bad (right?)

If you are new to the clinic I suggest a Skin Consult with Treatment if you are looking for same day action. Otherwise a consultation as a stand alone service is a great place to start. You can find this HERE on the online booking section

I like to treat considering all skin elements. I guess a fancy way of putting this is - all skin treamtents with me are based on a fusion of machinery and clinical skin services - ensuring you receive the best possible skin treatment that your skin deserves. With access to state of the art medical grade devices we have endless options to fuse together for amazing skin outcomes

My recommendation is you need to be using "GOOD" skincare and "EFFECTIVE" skincare. This doesnt mean you have to be using a bucket load of products daily or professional skincare I have recommended, however your skin must be in healthy working order to pursue skin treatments with me. This ensures the health and integrity of your results achieved


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