The Art of Washing

Are You Washing Your Face Wrong?

Common face-washing mistakes to avoid, from washing too often to letting products build up, for better skin health

Washing your face is pretty straightforward, right? You wet your face with water, apply a dime-sized amount of facial cleanser, and gently use your fingertips to wash away dirt and other impurities. However, make some simple errors and this part of your daily skincare routine could trigger skin issues such as barrier damage. To improve your face washing habits, avoid these common cleansing mistakes and tips for better skin health.

You use the wrong water temperature

Water that’s too hot will dry your skin, and can encourage redness, sensitivity and capillary damage, while cold water can also create similiar concerns however also doesn't always activate your skincare cleanser correctly. Tepid water is the best water temperature, Not too hot and not too cold.”

You wash too often

No matter the oil content of your skin - it's recommended you cleanse - not wash your skin morning and night time. “You wash off the day or nights grime and pollutants that accumulate during the time, also any active products that have secreted throughout the day". Check out our blog on why to cleanse AM/PM here 

You exfoliate too often

An exfoliating cleanser or device can slough away dead skin cells and leave the skin glowing. But daily exfoliation can lead to dryness and flakiness. That squeaky clean feeling will lead to irritation, barrier disfunction and a need for your skin to continue to produce dead cells to protect itself". Efficient cleansing with the correct gentle cleanser whilst utilising a Cleansing Cloth will ensure you clean your skin correctly allowing it to feel fresh and clean whilst protected

You use a dirty washcloth

Using a clean, soft washcloth such as The Cleansing Cloth (the anti bacterial fibre ensures for a clean, safe and hygienic removal of makeup, dirt and grime) is effective for cleaning your face. Some people don't replace their face cloth frequently enough, share one or use other options such as makeup wipes or face pads which are not environmentally friendly.

The Cleansing Cloth can be used for up to 4-5 months, washed in your washing machine and re-used time after time.

You use facial wipes

SHOCK HORROR ...Face wipes are better than nothing, but you shouldn’t rely on them for your normal face-wash routine, “They don’t clean the skin and they have chemicals,” she says. Stash some wipes in your gym bag, but give your face a full wash with cleanser and water when you can. Use only if your desperate!

You use the wrong products

This is the biggest issue for an unhealthy skin. The wrong ingredients being used for the skin type involved. Please seek advice on which product should be used (and when I say advice I mean from a qualified professional - not an INSTA skincare junkie, or a store assistant. No disrespect but you don't get your car serviced from your next door neighbour just because he likes cars!)

Most cleansing products arn't bad - just the wrong product for the skin type involved.


  1. Use the correct cleansing product
  2. Ensure a repetitive routine to encourage your skin to know what to expect
  3. Treat your skin with care - its an organ that protects us - it deserves it
  4. Don't use Makeup wipes to remove your products
  5. BUY a Cleansing Cloth - they really are the BOMB!

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