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"Medi skin treatments’ might sound a bit scary, but they’re really just targeted ways to get your skin healthy and glowing."

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From the Skin Nerd 

“Non Invasive Skin Treatments like no other”

delivering a complete experience, one that includes result driven details, prescriptive skin care with a holistic yet procedural based environment. Medi Facials combine old fashioned beauty with the new era technology to ensure radiant, healthy skin goals

These treatments all include Microdermabrasion, Prescriptive Peel, Healite LED all combined with a touch of chillout time.

Project 1 Medi Facial

An all-encompassing facial for those who would like a bespoke treatment.

This Project Skin Facial is entirely personalised to your own unique needs. Your therapist will draw from a selection of different techniques to cleanse, calm, clarify, refine, boost and nourish your complexion.

Including ultrasound technology to thermalise the skin, light prescriptive peel, HEALITE LED and the ever important relaxation

$200 (60 mins)


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Project 2 Medi Facial

A dynamic treatment that addresses a multitude of concerns ranging from dilated pores, textural irregularities, fine lines, and wrinkles, selections from Collagen Induction Therapy is employed to refine, retexturise and accelerate collagen renewal in the deep dermis or Laser Genesis to help increase cellular absorption.

An infusion of stem cells, growth factors and hydration boosters, combined with 830nm Light Therapy, improve cellular communication and the structural integrity of the skin.

Results are cumulative and a course of treatments is recommended for best results.

$250 (90mins)


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Feature 1

This soft gel cream contains niacinamide in synergy with hexyl-resorcinol to quickly reduce the pigmented spots, blemishes and pigmentation.

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Feature 2

creates a “blur effect” on the skin to unify and give more luminosity to the skin tone. The perfect primer and skincare ingredients combined together as one.

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