Medi Facials

My focus as a skin therapist has always been about delivering a complete experience, one that includes result driven details, prescriptive skin care with a holistic yet procedural based environment.
Medi Facials combine old fashioned beauty in the new era of technology to ensure radiant, healthy skin goals

Project Skin Facial 2

A dynamic treatment that addresses a multitude of concerns ranging from dilated pores, textural irregularities, fine lines, and wrinkles, selections from Collagen Induction Therapy is employed to refine, retexturise and accelerate collagen renewal in the deep dermis. An infusion of stem cells, growth factors and hydration boosters, combined with 830nm Light Therapy, improve cellular communication and the structural integrity of the skin. Results are cumulative and a course of treatments is recommended for best results.

$250 (75mins)

Project Skin Facial with a Twist

Combine the best of a Project Skin Facial with the fusion of a slightly more detailed laser service.

This might include treatment of vascular lesions, pigmentation areas or an add on with micro skin needling. Combining the both together means a fusion of results whilst enjoying the benefits of a traditional skin facial

$300-$400 (90mins)

Medi Facial - Project Skin

Laser Facials at Skin Nerd

At Skin Nerd our signature treatment is the combination of Facial Laser with relaxation.

The Laser Facials better referred to as "Project Skin by Skin Nerd" are a range of result driven skin treatments tailor made to your skin type and skin concerns

Our clinical facials can be experienced as a singular skin treatment or as a series of custom treatments focused on offering a complete experience. Results are of the highest importance, as is ensuring that clients leave with that same feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and serenity that comes with traditional pampering practices.

Elevating our treatments with a unique, holistic approach and designed for both indulgence and efficacy. These carefully formulated treatments call on  ingredients to deliver true results.

Project Skin by Skin Nerd Facials begin at Level 1

Ideal for those who are time conscious or as a more singularly targeting treatment. This 60 min treatment achieves immediate results for a multitude of skin concerns such as dullness, dryness, dehydration, congestion and lack lustre skins.

Project Skin by Skin Nerd Level 2

Is a more bespoke treatment encompassing multi technologies including clinical product selections and a tailored selection of medical laser treatments all combined to create a No-Downtime unique treatment for you.

Project Skin by Skin Nerd Level 3

Is a powerful skin treatment encompassing a custom treatment focused on results. An ingredient selection that focuses on DNA repair and pure hydration, combined with clinical laser and micro skin needling this is a treatment designed for results.

Perfect for pre- or post-flight skin rejuvenation or if you simply want a taste of the more encompassing facials that we have developed at Skin Nerd for great SKIN HEALTH.