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Micro Plus +
Enjoy the benefits of a specialized paramedical skin treatment using clinical grade equipment. The combination of a deeply exfoliating Microdermabrasion treatment in Geelong followed by Sonophoresis that delivers a concentrated dose of active vitamins deep into the skin gives a healthy, radiant looking glow everytime.

Non invasive skin treatments like no other

Our main focus at Skin NERD is to offer clients a range of non invasive skin treatments specialising in clinical Microdermabrasion, active skin treatment facials and skin peels.

With over 20 years of extensive experience in the skin industry in education, training, and practical therapy, our clients will receive the highest possible standard in all skin treatments.

STEP 1 - Consultation
STEP 2 -  First Treatment
STEP 3 - Maintenance

Mini Microdermabrasian

Mini Micro

A preferred skin solution for the congested skin. This treatment helps eliminate skin congestion whilst treating the surface skin for hydration.
Ensuring PH levels are correct a mini micro is a great introductory treatment teamed with a consultation to discuss your skin goals.

intake of skin nutrients is key. This mini treatment includes the fundamentals for skin health and is a great service for the time pore skin lover!

PRICE $80.00


Micro Plus

  • Includes the fundamentals of a Mini Micro with the inclusion of Sonophoresis. 

    A clinical skin device that warms the skin and transfers prescriptive skin ingredients to deeper levels of your skin structure.
    Ensures radiant glowing skin every single time 
    Micro Plus is an innovative non invasive based treatment that can be performed as a stand alone treatment or included with all PROJECT SKIN FACIALS and HEALITE PHOTOTHERAPY

    PRICE $100 with package prices available
microdermabrasian Herbal Skin Care

Looking for a little more Skin Love

What should you add to your Micro Plus treatment to give it a little boost

- Prescriptive Skin Peel
- HEALITE II LED Phototherapy
- Project Skin Facial

The list is endless it all comes down to your skin goals. Unsure what to book - discuss with your Skin Nerd at your next appointment or email me here to discover your skin treatment plan