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What do I need? Consultation

SKIN ANALYSIS with Skin Nerd

At Skin Nerd Geelong I often meet clients who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin but are confused about which treatments and products will benefit them most. Whether you suffer from Acne, Fine Lines and Wrinkles or Pigmentation or Rosacea I can offer expert advice on how banish imperfections and create an effortlessly smooth complexion. Making sure to achieve your skin care goals

My uniquely designed and result-orientated treatments can only begin when I understand the current structure and function of your skin, as well as potential factors which may be impacting the way it is behaving. A face to face or virtual consultation is required. This then allows me to treat your skin effectively with unsurpassed accuracy and track your results and progress.

Based on our discussion I can provide you a personalised treatment which can include varying treatment options, use of technology, individually blended product choices and of course, the knowledge and hands-on expertise of me, your professional therapist.

This is the ultimate way to diagnose your skins needs and design a customised treatment and home-care plan tailored to improve your skin.



At Skin Nerd our first step in working with you, will be a consultation. What I do during the consult is take your medical history so that when I discuss treatment options, I am choosing treatments that are going to be appropriate for you based on your lifestyle, based on your medical history and based on your skin type.

This is so you not only get the result you want, but it also ensures  safety when performing – by limiting risk and potential complications.

Consultations are usually between 30 - 60 min depending on your concerns. A 30-min consultation will include coming in to talk about your skin and what options you have in regards to treatment. The 60min consultation is more detailed and includes a brief microdermabrasion treatment to refresh the skin.


1 hour - $60
**whatever treatment/product the client chooses from the recommendations, the consultation cost is redeemable back against those treatments!

** Valid for 30 days post consultation date

Inside the consult process we will discuss the importance of pre and post care skin products. This is essential for some procedures and really, a must when it comes to my skin care nerdiness!

You can honestly achieve a much better results using the correct skin care 24/7 for 3-6 months, than investing in a one of skin treatment!  



Our skin care advise is based on the current science. It can be confusing as a consumer to figure out what is marketing and what is science because it is not regulated. As a clinical technician I have spent multiple years using and researching skincare starting with my education. Understanding the science of the skin and how we can best align this to 'at home' product use, to achieve the very best possible skin health for the future.

If you know me I ALWAYS advocate LESS is MORE! I don't use a million products so why would I expect you to do the same! Buy the ones that work!, Use them and LOVE them!

Our recommended skincare has no parabens, no preservatives, no color and no fragrance; it is a range of high quality ingredients that follows the science of skin.

Regardless of your skin issues, come and see me for a consultation and we can start your treatment plan today. We ALWAYS take the cost of the consultation from your chosen treatment or product so, it is really worth understanding and being in control of choosing the right treatment to achieve the outcome that you want, and are able to have.  


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