Are you Stressing your Skin?

Is it possible to have stressed skin? You bet!

It's actually a two way street between YOU stressing your skin, or YOUR skin stressing you. 

Skin Stress is often an accumulation of combined elements creating a little whirl pool weak, unhappy, oily or dry and breakout skin. The over use of invasive based  ingredients breakdown the skins barrier leaving behind a skin that shouts SOS help every single day of its life.

Over the years of treating skin my most common skin condition I fight against is the overuse of active skin care products. They come in all shapes and sizes from cleansers, serums, exfoliants, chemical peels, moisturiser and even sunscreen... and most times one individual will be using a combination of all the above.

"WOWee slow down, hang on a moment no wonder your skin battles the way it does, lets take a step and learn a little about how we can help support our skin rather than stress it"

So many of our amazing cosmeceutical skincare ranges house active and exciting ingredients but combined together can be quite intense on your skin, when using them daily it becomes a vicious cycle of over doing it and breaking down all the strong barriers our largest living organ develops for us in the aid to PROTECT! We seek perfection, smooth, soft, hydrated skin all day everyday and this is achievable but with minimal intervention from daily aggressors, a fine balance between potent and nurturing skin care and treatments.


Is your skin stressing you?

Living with the day to day changes of our skin during adolescents, menopause or any major change can have an huge impact on the relationship we have with our skin. We can allow negative thoughts to enter in and play a role on how we see ourselves and feel about our skin when we look in the mirror each day.

Through each stage of our lives many changes occur within our skins function from production or oil, excess oil then to the other end of the scale where we dry, loose elasticity and begin to see changes we don't so much enjoy.

Stress in its nature has a huge impact on all body functions but has a very closely aligned association to our skin, as the skin relies so heavily on digestive, lymphatic, circulatory, hormonal and elimination systems these all play an effect on what happens to our skin and how it presents.

The combined correlation of hormones and cortisol production is just one! I often talk to many teens about their stress levels and increase in oiliness and breakout when they come to see me for advice about teen skin concerns. We need to be aware and recognise the effects stress can have on us and how we can help to minimise this.

My few favourite things are;

  • Find a moment in everyday to smile or laugh. This might sound silly but those endorphins play a huge part on our mindset. Try it!
  • Try considering products that nurture your skin and leave the active skincare search to a professional who understands both skin science and ingredients
  • Experience a skin treatment that combines the old love affair of a beautiful facial massage and relaxation with new technology that delivers long lasting results

 The most important thing to consider is, there is no one fit solution for everyone, we all suffer with stress in different ways that have a flown on effect. Just ensure you prevent the "are you stressing your skin" by seeking a qualified professionals advice in regards to treatment or skincare

If you need advice make contact with me I'd love to hear from you



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