Living your best SKIN LIFE

Are you living your best skin life, or floundering trying to find a way to do this?

In the age of the internet, social media, and a highly digitised world, it can be easy to idealise skin goals that seem unachievable. You may be searching for advice watching how a person promises the world with just one product change and before you know it your cabinet is full of skincare products you have no idea where it all went to wrong!

Figuring out who to trust and how to steer your skin to a healthy happy version can be challenging, as a Skin Nerd I am passionate about educating you about how to live your best life, 360 degrees, not just the outside but consider the impact of diet, stress and environment. To achieve truly healthy skin all factors intrinsic and extrinsic must be taken into consideration. 

I want to help empower you to love the skin you live within, no longer considering it as something you have no control over.

Below are a few things to start you on the journey of skin health;



Let's be honest — it's easy to take your skin for granted. It often survives almost all the things we do or apply to it - but on occasion it will say HELL NO!  It is so important  to be gentle with your body's largest organ. Don't tug at your skin when you're removing makeup, stop using harsh and drying products. When you handle your skin with care, it shows. Barrier function this time of year is essential so consider the products you apply and ensure their aim is to protect your skin.


By now I'm sure you know the importance of sunscreen, but how often do you actually use it? The crucial cream not only protects you from skin cancer, but also keeps your skin looking great for years to come, helping prevent wrinkles and pigmentation. You must wear sunscreen all day everyday hail, rain or shine. Inside our out, its a 100% must use product, and where people often forget is the reapplication to ensure you skin is protected ALL DAY LONG.


If you can't remember the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes, (INSERT SHOCK and HORROR)  that needs to change: As you use them, they quickly build up dirt, grime, and oil that can lead to breakouts. After every few uses, give them a nice cleanse using your regular facewash and lay them out to dry so they're ready for their next use.


There are a zillion and one new tools on the skincare market that promise the world from pore cleansing brushes, to jade rollers & even some special tool that is made from rubber and vibrates (crazy hey)! When you think seriously about these types of inventions and how they work you can often come to your own realisation that they are a little pointless.... what benefit could a rubber vibrating thing have on our skin REALLY? The one tool I always recommend is a cleansing cloth for effective removal of products and oils on the skin, and a professional, clinically made facial roller. Used over time these tools will benefit your skin for years to come


If you're looking for an easy way to give your skin a boost, look to supplements. There are plenty of different combinations available that are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will leave you with your glowiest skin yet. Some even come in powder-form that you can simply add into your morning glass of water or smoothie. My favourites are Vitamin B3 tablets & Beauty Plus Oil from Bestow


Getting rid of stress is easier said than done, but if you let it take control, it can really harm your body — skin, included. I see so many skins high on stress and the effects this has, breakout, pimples, dermatitis and weakness of the skin cells. Its easy to say find a balance, lower your stress, this is not always possible so I often recommend a counter balance find something you love doing to relax your nerves, whether it's reading a book or meditating for 10 minutes. You'll help prevent breakouts and get some much-needed relief in the process.


Do you get your car brakes serviced from your next door neighbour just because he says "Mate I can do that for 1/4 of the price"! (well I hope not!) So with that thought in mind, why would you follow the advice of a retailer who sells a zillion skin care & makeup products and says "yep this one says its suitable for oily skin and breakout", or the advice of an unqualified product loving influencer because "this product changed my world"?  Enough said - invest in clinical skin care from a Skin Therapist, someone who lives and breathes the knowledge of skin. I promise you, your skin will never be happier and so will your bank balance!




Never underestimate the results of a curated skin treatment that addresses your skin concerns and helps lead the way to healthy happy skin. The regular contact with a skin therapist ensures they can keep your skin on track to achieving the results you desire. Treatments range from simple yet effective microdermabrasion and enzyme peel treatments to more detailed laser therapies to help treat specific skin conditions.


Our skin is truly our world so why test its boundaries more than we need too. If you wish for healthier happy skin please get in touch and allow me to help guide you to a healthier 360 approach SKIN

x Michelle





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