Banish the Blush

Never under estimate the value of a blush!

However for most this doesn't always equal a gentle warming of the cheek because it is a common display of a smile, a little nervous energy or, that extra glass of wine...

Blushing, flushing, Couperose, Rosacea & Capillary expansion, what ever you might like to refer too it as - can cause a great deal of social and private pain for those who live with these condition 24/7.

We have good news for people who have these skin conditions Rosacea or other capillary complications, Skin Nerd Geelong is the proud owner of an Excel V medical grade Laser, a vascular laser treatment targeting the symptoms of rosacea, haemangioma, telangiectasia, cherry angionmas, spider nevi, red stretch marks and some birthmarks. And, the best news is we’re getting great results.

As a clinical skin therapist for over 20 years I have never worked with a more comprehensive laser machine that achieves superior results within 1-2 treatments such as the Excel V. My favourite thing each day is to confidently say to a new or existing client - I can achieve the result you are seeking, without the journey it takes from previous laser treatments.

See, the most unspoken word our industry talk about is the amount of laser treatments you should experience in a year. Less is More.. YES, you heard it here... each time you pulse the skin you treat the target you aim for but over time multiple penetrations of deep medical lasers means we weaken the skin cells and this is something I never wish to do. You should really only need a maximum of 2 deep laser treatments a year if performed with a precision laser and a professional skin technician.

Aiming for healthy STRONG skin is the key with minimal intervention that's why I love the Excel V.

We achieve together, such great results you need 1-2 treatments with a possible 6-12 month follow up, or the ability to focus on other amazing technologies to help your skin along its skin health journey.

Frustrating flushing and other capillary complications are one of the most common presented skin concerns, so please know there is hope for those who experience this skin condition and know there is expert advice waiting to help steer you in the right skin health direction.

Skin Nerd xx



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