Does Gut Health Affect The Health of your Skin?

Firstly, the skin is one of the last organs of the body to receive nutrients. If we consider this, HOW CAN WE NOT notice the large affect health will have on our skin, including GUT HEALTH.

It is the last station on the nutrition train line! It only receives whatever nutrients are left over after the train has passed through all the vital organ ‘stations’ like the heart, the liver, the kidneys, etc.  So, because of this, the skin is also the first to show deficiencies. This can appear as dull, lifeless or prematurely aged skin and in some cases more serious conditions such as rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and acne. 

We live in a Western society that has an abundance of processed food but most of it is high in calories, sugar and low in nutrients. When you combine this with how produce is grown in, the fact that it is often harvested before it’s properly ripe and the long periods of time it is stored and transported – you end up with products that is a lot lower in nutrients than our grandparents used to eat.  This contributes significantly to gut health..

 "Your Gut Health is where everything happens"

Your gut is where 70% of you immune system lies. It’s where we make nutrients, it’s where we make detoxifying enzymes, it’s where we make neurotransmitters and it’s where we metabolise hormones. So much happens in our gut, and it can therefore affect our skin. What happens in our gut can impact our skin profoundly.

Where there’s gut inflammation, more and more studies are showing that there will be skin inflammation. When people have a healthier microbial balance in their gut, they’re going to have a healthier fatty acid profile in their skin. People with SIBO, which is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, are ten times more likely to have acne.

Those who suffer with auto immune diseases are more likely to see redness and inflammatory skin conditions through their skin such as Rosacea and skin sensitivities.

"Consider the 360 approach"

Often when consulting with clients we talk about all aspects of their skin including their skin health, dietary and lifestyle choices, medications and overall health and well being.

One of the first things to often correct can be the overall health and function of the gut and affected organs as these will be a large stake holder in ensuring results can be achieved and most importantly maintained.

How is your Gut Health? and do you think it plays a part in your overall skin health. If you are suffering from unbalanced skin conditions - good days, bad days, breakout, hot flushes, blistering skin and continual inflammation? Consider a consult with Michelle - aka "Skin Nerd". Her passion is always the 360 approach ensuring best possible practice to achieve the results you desire.

HOT TIPS for Gut Health and Glowing Skin

  • ensure water intake is at least 1-2 litres per day
  • Ensure you digest loads of healthy fresh Anti Oxidant based foodsOmega
  • Fatty Acids are the key to hydrating and maintain a soft glowing skin - try my favourite BESTOW BEAUTY OIL PLUS


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