Lets talk Skin Science

Know your A, B & C's

Everyone has fallen victim to the cosmetic counter 'myth' at some point, with so many people not truely understanding their skin and being mislead by education within the world of cosmetics its easily understandable we often have a blundered when purchases a product that promises the world but under deliveries.

As a clincial specialist I want to try and break down the science behind skincare, ingredients and provide you with the power and knowledge to make good decisions when it comes to purchasing your skin care products.

Most of all we all just want 'Products and Produce'!

There are four skincare basics that are essential for skin health. These are a priority and the basic foundations to ensure you skin can act its its best environment.

1. Mineral Sunscreen (yep this is the most important)

2. Vitamin A (responsible for anti-aging and skin refinement)

3. Vitamin B (improves skin immunity and hydration ) a great oily controller too

4. Vitamin C (aids in enhancing collagen product and minimises pigmentation) 

To select your skin care products you first must understand your skin, its genetics, its developed environmental concerns and actually what is WANTS!

Skincare doesn't have to be a luxury item. A few chose products will ensure maximum results but you need a hand to steer you in the right direction.

Do you need a hand? Book a consultation with Skin Nerd

and we can help develop a skincare routine that works to produce for you!



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